Twin Circles Necklace

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A perfect pre-layered necklace on its own or easily added to your favorites to make an envy-able necklace stack.

Product Details

  • Double chain necklace with two small asymmetrical circles.
  • Chains measure 16 and 18 inches.
  • Brass or silver plate
  • Made in United States of America


This necklace works hard so we don't have to. With the layering already done we can walk out the door without another thought about what's going around our neck.


Rebekah's designs are dreamt up and brought to life in her Austin, TX studio. Inspired by architecture, geometry and ancient symbols and relics, Rebekah want every woman who wears a piece of her jewelry to feel confident and empowered. She designs and assembles each piece herself, paying special attention to detail and quality.

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