Capsule Wardrobe Stories

 See how people all over the world, just like you, are experiencing the freedom of a capsule wardrobe.


Meet Alisa

You should have seen my wardrobe three years ago. It was a mess of ill-fitting, broken, meeting my needs half-way clothing that I didn't identify with. It perfectly reflected the state of my life, though: our personal development and style journeys often go hand in hand.

So how has Cladwell helped me become a more calm and confident person? It reminded me of the clothes I wasn't wearing anymore, so I sold them and made some money to buy pieces to fill the gaps in my closet. It rid me of what no longer served me and helped me see what I loved so I knew what to add later.


Cladwell allows me to be stylish and stress-free by suggesting outfits daily, and offering easy access even to the clothes I have stored. It simplified my decision-making process, and now I have more time and mental energy for all the things dressed up people do.

Getting dressed should never be a task. Cladwell makes it fun.




Meet Adriana

Since I was a kid I always loved fashion. I remember spending hours picking outfits for my dolls or drawing my own “collections”. However, after living in three very different climates (Florida, Minnesota, and California) I ended up accumulating an enormous amount of clothes and I felt completely overwhelmed by my closet. I often would shop having no idea what I had and if the item would go with any other pieces in my closet.

Luckily, at the beginning of 2020, I discovered the concept of a capsule wardrobe while reading the book ‘The Conscious Closet’ by Elizabeth Cline. The book also talked about Cladwell and how it can help you become a more conscious fashion consumer. I was hooked! 


I decided to do my first capsule in the Summer of 2020 and used Cladwell to get organized. My closet went from more than 200 pieces to less than 80 that I love. I absolutely do not shop for clothes without Cladwell where I can see everything I own. I am a better consumer, more creative with my choices, and know my own style a lot better.



Meet Nikki

Okay, so there is quite literally no hiding it: I live in a van and dress like a witch. It sounds simple, and a bit comical, when I write it out like that but getting to where I am now was tricky. Living in less than 100 sq ft of space with a love for a type of fashion known for its maximalist influences and Baroque flair doesn't immediately bring to mind a connection with van life or to a capsule wardrobe. When my move date into the van began to creep up on me, I became more and more worried I would have to give up the part of my identity I express through clothing.


By whatever goth or witchy fashion gods are out there, or perhaps more likely social media algorithms, I was led to Cladwell about a week before I started my life in a van. I couldn’t be more grateful for this little app. With space at a premium in my new life, I can rely on Cladwell to work within my unique style needs and play around with what I have to wear without me making a mess or sacrificing who I am. Going tiny or going minimal doesn’t mean you have to compromise on who you are, it just means you can become more connected with your closet, even if that closet happens to be in a van.



Meet Malaika

I have always been into fashion but I felt like I was lost. I didn’t have a defined style and I was not as conscious about what worked with my body type. I would buy things that were on-trend or I had seen on a blogger and loved, but when I put them on myself I never quite felt comfortable in my look. I would end up wearing the item a few times and never wear it again.  Then move on to the next “IT” thing to purchase. 

I wanted to get organized and more intentional with my wardrobe and stumbled upon Cladwell capsules on Pinterest. I LOVED the simplicity and sophistication and decided to try it. Cladwell helped me see what I was really wearing, or better yet NOT wearing.


That was an “aha” moment. Once I had their capsule template I decided on a color palette that worked with my skin tone and I was on a roll. I was very intentional with each new piece I purchased.  It felt so good to get rid of what was not serving me and invest in higher quality classic pieces that are interchangeable and stand the test of time. 

Getting dressed is a breeze now! I always feel well put together and confident.



Prior to Cladwell, I had a closet full of clothing but found it difficult to choose an outfit. Now, I can easily shop my closet and put together numerous outfits ranging from casual to professional.  The only problem I have now is so many stylish outfits to choose from and not enough time to wear them.



Meet Emily


With three kids and three law offices, there is little time left to think about my personal daily outfits.  I need to look professional most days, but still comfortable.  At home and on weekends, I’m all about casual wear. 

Cladwell is the perfect solution for busy women like myself that need polished outfits in a hurry. Cladwell has made my life substantially easier and has taken the hassle out of getting dressed. 


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